Folding techniques

Why Cloth?

Your diaper service explained…


The rectangular shaped diaper that will be absorbing the pee and holding the poop. Can either be folded to fet weth a Snappi(or pins if you've decided to go old-school) or trifolded into a thinner rectangle shape. Cover is required.
The best invention in the diapering world. It is T-shaped and has plastic prong teeth (much like an Ace Bandage clip) on each end. One for each side of the diaper and one for the crotch. Don't worry, your baby won't get poked! The teeth glide right in and are held in the soft layers of cotton by the Snappi's own tension. Available in Size 1 and Size 2. (Size 2 can be used for babies and is often helpful "in between sizes when a larger prefold is to large, but your current size seems too tight.
The water part that goes around the prefold. This keeps everything on the outside of the diaper dry (like baby's clothes, blanket, your shirt.)
This can refer to various types of accessories in cloth diapering. In our case, a liner is 1) a flushable/biodegradable or washable layer of material that you put in between baby's bottom and the diaper to intercept the poo or protect the prefoldfrom diaper creams or 2) the bag lining the pail that holds the dirty diapers.
Please toss the flushable liners in the trash if you think the plumbing in your house would be susceptible to clogging.


If you forget to put your diapers out, we’ll knock a couple of times. If there is no answer after a few minutes, we'll ring. If there's still no answer, we’ll leave your clean ones then contact you to schedule a pick-up. There is a charge for extra trips, so be sure to mark your calendars. If you need a text reminder the morning of, please let us know.
If you'll be gone on your pick-up day, let us know in advance. If you'll be gone all week, we can suspend service for that week.
There are no contracts, required time limits or cancellation fees. Please give us 2 days notice to cancel if possible. Gifted and prepaid service is refunded at 80% total to the recipient. Refund checks will be mailed 4-8 weeks after final pickup.
DIAPER RASH CREAMS CONTAINING FISH OILS OR PETROLATUM SHOULD NEVER BE USED. Creams specifically developed for use with cloth diapers are preferred. There are a few brands that are safe for cloth diapers, like Angel Baby, Ecosprout, Grovia, Motherlove, Thirsties, California Baby, etc. You can use a diaper liner along with some brands like Lansinoh, Aveeno, Triple Paste, Balmex, etc.
Any time you would like to change sizes or quantities you can adjust that on the tag. The new size/amount will take place on the next week’s delivery. You can text or call 512-82-SQUAD or email Please give us 2 days of notice for route changes. Average prefolds per size 90 newborn, 80 infant, & 70 regular.
Each month, we bill you at the beginning of the month for that month’s service and any credits or charges from the previous month (like a credit for going out of town). The total will be due at the end of the month. You pay the first month up front. The first month actually begins when you start using the service. (So if we delivered a setup before the baby was born, your time does not start counting until you call us and say you are using the diapers.) The initial payment will obviously cover the first month’s bill and most likely a portion of the second.
Our regular schedule is not affected by holidays. Since babies don't take holidays, neither do we. If your regular delivery day falls on any holiday, including Christmas or New Year's, we will be there (unless you let us know that you won't need us that week).
Cloth diapers are great for many things; diapering your baby, washing the floor, drying your car. Please only use ours for the first. Items that are damaged by inappropriate use will be charged at retail value. You can buy out-of-circulation prefolds by the pound in our shop section.
Babies grow and learn to pee at their own rates. If you see that the supply you currently have will not last until your next delivery day, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to deliver them within 48 hours (for a small fee unless of course we owe you prefolds.) Getting peed on? Need some tips? Please email us at and we'll be happy to help!
We use earth-friendly, biodegradable products to launder and treat our diapers. The diapers are 100% cotton. We pre-treat them with a heavy concentration of Bac-out, a natural enzyme which decomposes the bacteria. (It also does wonders in keeping bacteria growth down, thus preempting the creation of diaper pail odor!) They are then pre-washed with 6-10 changes of cold water, then washing in 175 degree water using a proprietary natural, biodegradable detergent safe for cloth diapers with another 8-12 changes of water. Unstained diapers are dried at 160+ degrees. Stained diapers are treated with BioKleen’s Oxygen Plus and occasionally sunbleached as available. On the very rare occasion when we need to strip the diapers a small amount of bleach is used, and then washed like crazy! They are, of course rewashed after destaining.
We retire our diapers when they’ve outlived their diapering life, though these are few since we take such good care of them. We call them the out-of-circulation prefolds. Many of them go on to have successful careers as overnight doublers, dust rags, and car dryers. Please e-mail us if you are interested.